Working with Communities for Better Health

Community health is essential for countries to reach every woman and child with health services and to achieve their national health goals. Community interventions and approaches, including engagement of civil society and communities themselves, are needed to advance equity and achieve primary health care for all.

MCSP supports countries to strengthen, scale and institutionalize community approaches and interventions that prevent child and maternal deaths by:

  • Stimulating global dialogue on the critical importance of community health and share evidence of what works;
  • Supporting national partners to increase coverage of proven interventions for reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health at the household and community level;
  • Building the capacity of community health workers, with a focus on technical as well as communication, organization, management and accountability skills;
  • Incorporating community health data and its use within national health management information systems; and
  • Engaging communities and civil society organizations as essential partners in promoting health-seeking and advocating for improved service quality.

MCSP helps countries #careforcommunities.

In low-income settings, women’s groups practicing participatory learning and action can improve maternal & newborn survival.

Community health worker programs yield high economic return on investment – up to 10:1.

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Community health is supremely important for improving maternal and child health. More lives could be saved through the scale-up and strengthening of interventions at the community level than at hospitals and health centers combined.

— Melanie Morrow, MCSP Community Health & Civils Society Engagement Team Lead

Hear global experts discuss the importance of strengthening and scaling community health interventions to save the lives of mothers and children.

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See how preventable maternal and child deaths are being averted by strengthening and scaling interventions at the community level.

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