Health Systems Strengthening

What’s the key to saving 5.6 million children and 200,000 women over just 4 years? Building strong and resilient health systems.

At MCSP, we know improving health requires transforming the policies, organizational structures & behaviors that drive #healthsystems performance. Addressing #healthsystem issues is vital to reaching #GlobalGoals targets and creating more stable, flourishing societies.

But scaling up solutions and promoting country ownership calls for more than addressing any one component of the system. By building the capacity of partner governments, we ensure that improvements in service delivery, health workforce, information systems, access to medicines, financing, and governance are institutionalized, leaving a legacy of sustained progress.

We cannot achieve our goal to end maternal and child deaths without addressing critical health system barriers. Learn more about how MCSP is helping to #careforHSS to prevent, detect and respond to disease, promote well-being, and save lives.

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83 countries don’t meet the basic threshold of 23 skilled health professionals per 10,000 people.

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3.5 billion people – about half of the world’s population – don’t have full coverage with essential health services.

We know what the essential health services are, but they don’t deliver themselves. To save lives, we need to engage all parts of the health system.”

— Grace Chee, MCSP Health Systems Strengthening and Equity Team Lead

Hear global experts address critical health system barriers to improve RMNCAH services.

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See how we’re building the capacity of local health teams around the world.

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Learn why MCSP sees health systems as critical to strengthening maternal and child health.

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